Yonder offers an app, custom to your practice, for young children & parents to use at home to prepare for their visit.

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They learn what to expect and have formed a relationship with you as their dentist before ever walking in the door.

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Efficient Visits

50% visits are faster*

63% kids are easier to work with*


Optimized visit revenue: 100% of patients have full exam and cleaning*

No failed or non-billable visits

No patients or families lost due to tears or fears

No lost opportunity to fill your chair with cooperative patients every time

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Word of mouth marketing

Happy & healthy kids = happy moms and dads who spread their love about you and your app

Easier visits means, parents will travel far and wide to make it happen (extend your practices reach)

*pilot data

Sound good so far?


We can have your app up and running in 2 weeks.

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Here is what we won’t do:

Collect patient data - we have no HIPAA Compliance Issues

Change your workflow beyond adding a pre-formed message so parents can download your app

You benefit from more efficient visits, optimized visit revenue, and word of mouth marketing without any extra effort.